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ABOUT SHOAF SCIENTIFIC CONSULTANTS, INC.: Shoaf Scientific Consultants, Inc., incorporated in August, 1997, for the purpose of scientific consulting and research & development of new intellectual property in various areas of biotechnology. SSCI is located in The Piedmont Triad near Lexington, NC, and is a NC Biotech company producing new intellectual property for manufacturing biological and biochemical sensors and other biomedical products. Contacts: Dr. Antony Shoaf (cell: 336-479-6913); email: ashoaf@shoafbiochem.com) or Cynthia Rivers Shoaf (cell: 336-479-6914); email:crs@shoafbiochem.com); Landline: 336-853-8676.

SSCI assists industry, academia, and government in solving intractable research problems in the major chemical, biochemical and toxicological areas of science, including IP development. We also offer a full line of services in the areas of toxicology, nanotoxicology, excited states, reactive oxygen species (ROS), organometallics and chelation, free radical chemistry, molecular photochemistry, and polymer chemistry. Our broad capabilities in chemical, biochemical, toxicological research allow us to offer our clients innovative strategies for solving their unique problems. We exercise unlimited dedication to security, confidentiality, and protection of our clients’ intellectual property while successfully accomplishing goals of the mission.

WHO IS SHOAF SCIENTIFIC CONSULTANTS? Dr. Antony R. Shoaf is the founder of SSCI, and is known for his accurate analyses of challenging situations, solutions to intractable problems, dedication to client needs, protection of client secrecy, and creative research and development strategies.

Antony R. Shoaf, M.S., Ph.D., is President of Shoaf Scientific Consultants, Inc. With over 39 years of experience as a Research Biochemist, Toxicologist, and Environmental Chemist, Dr. Shoaf has served on the faculties of The Department of Biochemistry, Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Department of Pharmacology and Interdisciplinary Toxicology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, and the Health Protection Section of The Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry/Biology, a Master of Science Degree in Biochemistry, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biochemical Toxicology from Tulane University Medical Center. His awards include a National Defense & Education Scholarship, a National Academy of Sciences fellowship, and National Research Council Fellowships to study Bioenergetics and Molecular Photochemistry in the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. His research publications include herbicide & pesticide environmental toxicology, reproductive toxicology of heavy metals, free radical generation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, and superoxide and superoxide and singlet oxygen generation in mammalian systems. He has co-authored a book chapter on microbial and viral biosafety and decontamination in the recently published (Oxford University Press, 2001) ACS "Handbook of Chemical Health & Safety". A list of representative clients of SSCI is available upon request.

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